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How to Solve Prolific USB Error Code 39

How to Solve Prolific USB Error Code 39 - Now we will talk about solving prolific usb error, Prolific is known for their broad range of products, such as USB converter, USB storages, brushless motor devices, and many more. And as one of the leading computing part and peripheral manufacturers based in Taiwan, Prolific always ensures their products have excellent quality and performance. However, due to one to another reason, some prolific products are known with various problem issues, one of them is Prolific USB Serial Adapter (PL2303).
How to solve Prolific USB Error
Solving Prolific USB Error

The main issue involving Prolific USB Serial Adapter PL2303 is that it failed to load driver, which result in unrecognized status on the computer. And if you’re one of those with such problem, here are some things you can try:

  1. First, identify the problem. Remember what error message is appeared on the screen. In most cases, the failure driver loading procedure stated as Error Code 39. If that is what you’re dealing with, proceed to the next step.
  2. As the Error Code 39 shown up on the screen, you’re positively dealing with driver load failure. That means, the computer is failed to install the driver for the device. In this case, many things can be the real cause of it. It could be the driver files have been corrupted or damages, or also it could be that the computer has failures in reading and executing the driver autorun process.
  3. If that’s the case, you may consider finding new driver files as alternative way to install. Most manufacturers provide driver files in their official website, and so with Prolific. Download from and choose the driver based on the product serial or type (PL2303).
  4. Before you install the freshly downloaded driver files, you MUST first uninstall the installed driver via control panel. If possible, use registry cleaner to make sure no elements are remained from the previous installation.
  5. Once you have accomplished the step 4, now you’re allowed to install the driver.
In most cases, the problem can be solved by these 5 simple steps. But if the error still occurs, it could be either you downloaded/installed wrong driver or that there are still remained registries from the previous installation that affects the new installation result.