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Simple Trick to Solve Dead USB Ports

Simple Trick to Solve Dead USB Ports - Have you ever been experiencing such weird event when all of the sudden all the USB ports on your computer stopped working? You used the USB for some moment and in the other second it failed to work properly? Have you been tried many tricks and tips stated in many websites and forum pages, but none of them are able to solve the problem? Well, if that’s the case, you’re not alone. And here, we have the solution for that.

How to Fixing USB Error
USB Error
While there are many of such cases been reported lately, some users suspect the motherboard product manufacturing failure as the culprit. For you to know, the words are circling lately about how many Gigabyte motherboard users find some errors and failures due to the product defect. Although not all of them are reporting about the USB failures, but it is quite reasonable as if many computer users then relate the problem with Gigabyte product defect. And unfortunately, the problem you are now facing on has nothing to do with product defect.

Instead of replacing your motherboard, you can try these simple steps that have been proven effective in solving such problem. First of all, shutdown your computer and then unplug the power cord. This way, the CPU will have no power flow in and out. Let it goes for a while. 2-5 minutes is enough to drain the power from the components. And after that, you can plug back the power cord and boot your computer normally.

This little trick is mostly effective enough to get all the USB ports to work back as it should be. However if it still failed, you can repeat the process with extra step of removing the battery CMOS from the motherboard when the computer is completely drain of power. Hopefully the trick that worked perfectly on my computer would also able to solve your problems.